DMX Switch Packs

EC2-DMX 2 Channel DMX Switch Pack

The all new ForceFX EC2-DMX Switch Pack is designed for those who prefer to run their Co2 jets from a DMX desk.

The electronics in this all new unit have been designed to our stringent specifications and manufactured for us by one of Europe's top theatre electronics companies, so this is no simple re-badge of a standard DJ Shop offering.

Our new 2 channel Switch Pack unit has been designed from the ground up to be both solid and robust, so it's a unit that's equally suitable for hire companies, Club installs, travelling DJ's and Touring alike.

The design features two DMX switchable 10A per channel outlets with Neutrik Powercon connectors used throughout, so it's an ideal companion to both our Cryo Jet II and ThunderJet Co2 Jets, or indeed any other effect than needs switching via DMX.

When you need additional channels, there's also a simple pass-through 230v Power input/output that enables you to daisy chain Switch Pack's together with DMX input/output via 3 Pin XLR's.

DMX programming couldn't be simpler. Just use the DIP switches to set the channel you want to use for your first power outlet and the second power outlet will be automatically set to the following DMX channel, it's as simple as that.

The all new ForceFX EC2-DMX Switch Pack are now available from stock, for next day delivery.

For more details or to place your order, please call us on 01444 487757