Liquid CO2 Supplies

For CO2 Jets and CO2 Guns

If you don't already have an account with a CO2 supplier or aren't a regular user, need to arrange a supply of CO2 for your event or festival, or have a tour coming up and need to arrange CO2 for multiple venues, then we can help.

Our liquid CO2 is supplied from stock and we also have a national supply chain, so not only can we offer a nationwide delivery service, but as we buy in bulk we can also offer competitive pricing on both CO2 cylinders and deliveries.

We're also happy to advise on all aspects of festival and event logistics so your cylinders get to site and to the right stage on-time, we're also happy to advise on just what CO2 you need for your event.

We specialise in logistics, so if you have a touring band or show coming to the UK and need to arrange a CO2 supply at multiple venues we have extensive knowledge and contacts at most major UK venues and can arrange for your gas to be on site before you arrive and to be collected afterwards, so your Tour Manager has one less thing to worry about.

We also keep a limited amount of liquid CO2 cylinders at our warehouse in Lindfield for personal collections.

For a quote on your CO2 cylinder supply or to order please call us on 01444 487757.

If you need more information about the type of CO2 you need, or need a guide to cylinder sizes and approximate CO2 usage, then please check out our cylinder sizes page here