CO2 Cylinder Sizes

Liquid CO2 for Cryo Jets and Guns

For both CO2 Jets and CO2 guns you need to use liquid CO2, if you were to use CO2 Vapour, the effect would still work, but the output would be invisible.

To work out just how much CO2 you need for your job or event, here is a rough guide to what you can expect to get from our CO2 cylinders.

The smallest cylinder the LB holds around 6 kilos of liquid CO2, connected to our Cryo Jets (and most other makes of Jet), via a 10mm hose you can expect something like 20 seconds of white gas plume.

The large LK cylinder contains approximately 30-34 kilos of liquid CO2 and will give between 100 and 130 seconds of white gas plume.

Performance is dependant on several things, but can be affected by the temperature, humidity and air pressure on the day it was filled and equally the amount of gas you will use on the day to produce the effect will vary.

Gas plumes will always look bigger in a humid atmosphere than they will under air conditioning, so you will use more gas on a hot summers day than you will in the winter, you will also use more in an air conditioned club than you will in a hot humid room.

As a rule of thumb one LK cylinder per CO2 Jet is enough for most events, for Festivals where Jets will be used throughout the afternoon and into the evening it's normally 2 per day.

LK's are much more cost effective than LB cylinders, but they are heavy 100kilos when full so you do need to consider where you are going to place them and make sure you can secure them in place.

Cylinder Sizes

Vapour CO2

We can alsor supply vapor CO2 which is sometimes better for Confetti Blasters where you want the lifting power of CO2, but don't need the white plume that you get with liquid CO2.

If you are ordering Vapour CO2, the order codes are VB and VK, the cylinder sizes are identical to Liquid CO2 cylinders (Liquid CO2 cylinders can be easily identified as they have a wide white stripe running vertically from top to bottom.

Whatever your CO2 requirement we can help, so if you need a quote please call us on 01444 487 757 and we'll be pleased to advise.