Effect Controllers

230v Mains controllers for Co2 Jets and other effects. 

Our EC-2 and EC-4 230v mains controllers are compact safe and reliable and like all of our products built here in the UK to the highest standards.

Available in two versions with either 2 or 4 selectable channels, the ForceFX EC range of controllers feature a 10 Amp circuit breaker, illuminated power and channel select switches, key switch and fire button.

Mains input is via a Neutrick Powercon inlet and each channel has a separate Powercon outlet, so there are no fiddly adaptors or fly leads to worry about or lose.

Our effect controllers are the ideal compliment to our range of Cryo Jets, but are equally at home controlling any kind of SFX equipment that needs a momentary power feed from Confetti Cannons to flame heads.

Latching Fire buttons can be fitted by request, turning our controllers into a key protected emergency stop device, perfect for controlling stage fans and laser systems.

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