CO2 Special Effects

CO2 Jets, CO2 Guns & Back-pack CO2 Systems

At ForceFX we specalise in CO2 special effects. CO2 Jets are one of the most spectacular special effects we make and are by far the most popular with the music industry and nightclub clients.

Designed to create plumes of fast disappearing white 'smoke', our CO2 jets and CO2 guns fire liquid CO2 into the atmosphere which immediately turns back into its gaseous state, producing jets of rolling white clouds.

CO2 jets can be used as a stand-alone effect fired either upwards or across the stage or room and are often used as a 'dump' effect as you'll see in many of Ibiza's CO2 clubs, or as a crowd cooler when things get really hot at a festival.

We offer both our new Cryo Jet II Co2 Jet, a refinement of our original CryoJet in a new compact casing, and our pistol style Co2 Gun, which is portable and perfect for DJs and dancers and with our exclusive back-pack system is great for use with robot suits, costumes and for performance artists and promos.

What makes ForceFX unique?

We make every CO2 Jet kit to your specifications, we offer our CO2 Jets and controllers in powercon or powercon Trueone for outdoor events. All of our hoses can be cut to fit for your install or if you are looking for a CO2 package to tour the world we can create your package with quick connects for fast get outs and CO2 adaptors to use your UK kit in the US.

Whatever the effect you want to produce ForceFX have the equipment you need, so if you are looking for a Co2 system and need advice, call us on 01444 487 757 and we'll be pleased to help.