Co2 Confetti Blasters

Create a Confetti Storm

ForceFX Confetti Blasters

Big and impressive, our CO2 powered confetti blasters deliver vast amounts of confetti very quickly and with a spectacular noise and a cold CO2 blast.

We have two sizes of Confetti Blasters available for purchase & hire, our smaller Super-Blasters are great for most clubs and for TV studios where you want a large effect - between 3-5 kilos of confetti per minute - but don't need to throw confetti more than 10m.

Our larger Mega-Blasters are real monsters and can throw up to 10-15 kilos of confetti per minute with up to a 25m range, so these are great for large dance events, Festivals or for Arena or Stadium events, but can be run at lower pressures when you don't need quite such a big effect.

These are a manual effect and need one technician per machine to operate them, they also use a lot of confetti which we can supply in bulk in almost any colour or shape.


ForceFX CO2 Confetti Blaster Specifications:

Size (LxWxH) - 66x37x124cm 
Weight – 51kg
Hose length: 4m
ForceCON CO2 Cylinder Connector Included.