CO2 Gun Special Effect

CO2 Pistol


CO2 Guns (often called CO2 Cannons)

If you are looking to hire or purchase an incredible visual effect for your next event thats easy to use by DJs or performers look no further. The ForceFX Handheld CO2 Cannon can produce an 8m white cryogenic fog plume,  are lightweight and extremely easy to use operated by the pull of the trigger.

This stunning, repeatable effect is perfect for DJ’s, dancers and any type of high energy performer. All you have to do is connect to a liquid CO2 cylinders using our high pressure hosing. Best of all because the effect is performer triggered it can become a dependable and controlled part of any act grabbing your audience into the performance with our handheld CO2 Cannons.

Our CO2 Gun Kits come with everything you need to get you started, all you need to do is arrange the Liquid CO2 cylinders and we can give you advice on where you can get this.


ForceFX CO2 Gun Specifications Include:

• British made from UK and European sourced components.

• Weight: ForceFX Compact CO2 Gun with 50mm Discharge Nozzle: 2.7 KGS

• Dimensions: Overall length from Handle base (with threaded inlet) to Nozzle tip: 470mm

• Overall Height: 200mm Nozzle Diameter: 50mm

• Approx 8m output.

• No mains power required to operate.

• 50mm fast discharge nozzle as standard.

• 3 Year warranty with complimentary 1st year next working day advance replacement.


ForceFX CO2 Gun Kits Include:

• 1x CO2 Gun Handle
• 1x Thermoplastic Hose from 4-20m
• 1x CO2 Cylinder Connector 


To purchase or hire ForceFX CO2 Guns please call us on 01444 487 500 or contact us here