CO2 Cylinder Connectors

ForceCon CO2 Cylinder Connectors

The ForceCon fast CO2 Cylinder Connector is the smallest and lightest full flow CO2 cylinder connector on the market, but despite it's size it's incredibly tough and with an 8mm bore, helps give any CO2 Jet or Gun great performance.

Like all our products, the ForceCon has been designed by show technicians for professionals, Manufactured here in the UK, ForceCon's are machined from solid Brass and nickle plated for durability. The straight knurl finish makes it easy to hand tighten and when you do need to put a spanner on, the large bearing surface ensures a firm grip. Equally when you need to remove a ForceCon from it's hose you'll find that the center stem is easy to hold with an adjustable or 14mm spanner, with no slipping. In short you'll find our ForceCon fast cylinder connectors a real pleasure to work with.   

Compatible with U.K., European and Australian Cylinders

ForceCon CO2 Cylinder Connectors are designed to fit all standard UK, European and Australian CO2 Cylinders (both Liquid and Vapour), so are ideal for all kinds of entertainment and industrial applications.

Applicable Standards

U.K.: BS 341 No. 8 (Thread Dimensions: W 0.860" x 14 TPI)
Australia: AS 2473.2 Type 30 (Thread Dimensions: 0.860" - 14 BSW)
German DIN Standard: *DIN 477 No. 6 (Thread Dimensions: W 21.8 x 1/14") 
*DIN 477 - 6 is compatible with most European Cylinder Valves. Notable exceptions being the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia.

The stem thread is 3/8 BSP External and is designed to fit 3/8 BSP Female hydraulic connectors with a 60° cone, so mates to most British and European made 3/8" (10mm) hoses.   

*NEW* ForceCon-320 CO2 Cylinder Connectors
For the USA & Canada


U.S.and Canadian CO2 cylinders use a completely different cylinder valve to those found in Europe, so by popular demand, we've introduced a US version of the ForceCon that fits all U.S. CGA320 cylinder valves, so it's perfect for the US and Canada.

Applicable Standard: CGA 320 (Thread Dimensions: 0.825" - 14 NGO)

The tail is 3/8 BSP External,to fit our 3/8 BSP Female hose terminators, but we can also supply hydraulic 3/8" BSP Female to 3/8" NPT Male adapters to fit U.S. or Canadian made hoses.  

*NEW* ForceCon Thread Adaptors
CGA320 to BS431-8 & BS431-8 to CGA320


If you're a tour manager then you'll know how difficult it is to find foreign CO2 adaptors when your on the road, so we've listened to our clients and we can now supply you with our very neat and compact UK to US and US to UK Cylinder adaptors. So if you have US built equipment with US cylinder connectors and want to bring them to Europe, then we can help, this saves on the cost of hiring in other equipment and changing your rig as you move around the world.

US built CO2 equipment normally comes with detachable cylinder connectors and US standard NPT threads, so if you are touring with your own US made CO2 kit, or have bought kit that's come with the wrong cylinder connectors, we can supply both our CO2 adaptors and 3/8" NTP - 3/8 BSP Male Adaptors to convert U.S. hoses to take European cylinders. If you have a problem, then please give us a call and we'll be glad to advise.


Tough and again made of solid brass, our UK-USA and USA-UK cylinder connectors are tough enough to take the rigours of touring.


Chinese CO2 Systems

Chinese built equipment varies wildly in both specification and quality and can come with a variety of hoses and cylinder connectors. Most often people bring these to us because they've been supplied with the wrong cylinder connectors or rubber hoses (which are porous and no good for CO2 risking blistering and bursting which can be extremely dangerous).

We can sometimes supply our ForceCon connectors or thread adaptors as straight replacements and on occasion they will fit without modification to the hoses, however we strongly recommend changing any Chinese supplied hose for a European made and CE marked Thermoplastic hose as non-marked or 'rubber' CO2 hoses can be dangerous.


If you need help or advice, or want to order CO2 connectors or hoses, please call us on 01444 487 757 or use our contact form here