CO2 Gun Hire

Handheld CO2 Guns 

If you are looking to dry hire CO2 Guns, then our CO2 Special Effects hire kits are the simplest and easiest way to get exactly the equipment you need for your event. The handheld CO2 Gun Cannon kits are all packaged in a peli case and delivered to you or your venue by next day courier service, all you need to do is get the Liquid CO2 gas, everything else you need is in the case.

Our Handheld CO2 Guns are made by us here in the UK so you know your hire kit is action ready. The CO2 Guns create a plume 8m plume of CO2 'smoke' which dissipates once in the atmosphere. The ForceFX CO2 Gun is lightweight, and extremely easy to use requiring no external power triggered by pulling the gun handle in allowing stage performers and DJS freedom to move around with this effect. This stunning, repeatable CO2 effect is perfect for DJ’s, dancers and any type of high energy performer wanting to excite the crowd.

We can also arrange a supply of top quality liquid CO2 delivered to your venue at very competitive rates, so if you don't already have an arrangement to supply your gas, why not give us a try?

Co2 Gun Kit Hire Equipment:

  • CO2 Gun
  • 4m CO2 Hose & CO2 Cylinder Connector

To book your CO2 Gun hire kit of if you want to discuss longer term hire of our equipment for your venue or tour, please give us a call on 01444 487 757, or use our contact form here.