Co2 Jets for Festivals

Our one stop Solution for Festival Organisers

ForceFX offer Festival and Outdoor Event Organisers a simple and cost effective solution for supplying and installing CO2 Jets at your next Event. 

Not only will we give you great hire and installation rates, you'll be sure that the equipment coming to your event will be top quality CO2 Special Effects equipment with known plume heights and performance, so you will never get complaints from your performers, or be let down by old rental kit.

You'll also be sure that all our CO2 Jets are electrically safe and that our hoses and cables are always sound and right for the job, so you'l have one less Health & Safety task to worry about.

One supplier means that your Artists and thier Tour Managers don't have to arrange their own rental equipment or CO2 supplies, so you'll have happy acts and less equipment to site on your stage.

If you need us to arrange your CO2 Gas supply and the logistics of getting cylinders to site and to the right stage on-time (and just as importantly get removed from site on time so you don't incur excess rental charges), then we're happy to take on the responsibility. Again because we buy in bulk, our charges for gas are competitive and you'll be assured of a quality product.

For more details of our services and charges please call us on 01444 487 757, or use our contact form here.