CO2 Jet Hire Kits

Making CO2 Jet Hire Simple

If you are looking to dry hire CO2 Jets, then our CO2 Jet hire kits are the simplest and easiest way to get exactly the equipment you need for your event all you need to do is bring the gas. Our kits are all neatly packaged and delivered to you or your venue by next day courier service and collected when you are finished all without having to print a single label making your hire as stress free as possible.

Who hires our CO2 Jet kits? 

We are never surprised to get a call from anyone! Our CO2 jets have gone into clubs, on music tours, in theatres, to schools, for product launches, in music videos, festivals, stadiums and sporting matches, corporate events & weddings not just in England but abroad too.

Our CO2 hire kits are complete with everything that you are likely to need for your event, but you can add extras like additional heads, hoses, cylinder doubles, cylinder splitters, truss clamps and longer power cables if you need them. Because we manufacture all of our equipment we are super flexible with what our dry hire kits can include and the optional extras we can provide.

We can also arrange a supply of top quality liquid CO2 delivered to your venue at very competitive rates, so if you don't already have an arrangement to supply your gas, why not give us a try?

2 Head Co2 Jet Hire Kits


Our Standard 2 head CO2 Jet hire kit comes with:

  • 2 Cryo Jet Co2 Heads with standard 50mm nozzles
  • 2 x 10m Thermoplastic Co2 Hoses
  • 2 x 10m Control Cables
  • 1 x 230v Mains Controller with Safety Key and Fire button
  • Base Plates or Truss Clamps

All of our CO2 Jet hire kits are dispatched in an Peli Case for safe transport or for larger kits on pallets in flight cases.

4 Head Co2 Jet Hire Kits


Our Standard 4 head hire kit comes with:

4 Cryo Jet Co2 Heads with standard 50mm nozzles. 
2 x 6m and 2 x 10m Thermoplastic Co2 Hoses 
4 x 10m Control Cables 1 x 230v
1 x 2 Channel Mains Controller with Safety Key and Fire button.



Additional Co2 Heads
Additional lengths of CO2 Hose
Additional lengths of powercon cable
50mm Half Coupler Truss Clamps
4 Channel 230v Mains Controller
CO2 Cylinder Splitters or Doublers
DMX Switch Packs
Saturday or Timed next day delivery


How to book in your CO2 Jet Kit Hire?

To book your CO2 Jet Hire kit or if you want to discuss longer term hire of our equipment for your venue or tour, please give us a call on 01444 487 757, or use our contact form here.